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Web site Tuesda■y, management me●asures on ○the experimen○t of consu

mer fina◆ncing companies to s

○eek public ●opinions. C●onsumer-financin○g companies will be ●allowed to oper○ate on a trial basis■ in China's f●our major ○cities -- Beijing●, Shanghai, Tianji○n and Chengdu. ■Loans will be ○extended to◆ individuals without○ collateral for b●uying durable ●goods,

includin〓g appliances● and electronic pro◆ducts, and other

pr○ivate consump〓tion such as tr○avel and e◆ducation, but ●it has ba

rred ●such loans for ca●rs a

nd prope○rty, accord〓ing to the draft.■ Credit interest■ rate is r○estricted t●o no more than four〓 times high●er than the benchmar■k interest rate, ●and loan amount〓s should not be〓 five times more● than the debto○rs' monthly inco●me. The CBRC has n○ot said when■

the regulations ◆would take effect, b■ut it said June 12〓 w

ould be ◆the deadline for p●ublic feedb○ack. Forei■gn and dome■stic i

nstitution■s with minimum ass

◆ets of 80 billi○on yuan (12 bil◆lion U.S. dollars■), at least five ◆years experience 〓in providing consume○r loans, and■ a profitable ●record for th○e past two years●, are allowe●d to set up consumer■ financing ●companies, the CB◆RC requires. Gome,○ China's l○eadi

ng elec●tronics retail chain■, will focus on◆ transforming


some○ of its exi●sting stores○ into more pr

●ofitable me○ga stores rather○ than expanding the ●number

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pact○ of the scandal■ on the Go■me brand.G●ome has been on◆ a network expan◆sion spree. By the● end of 2008, Gome ◆had 1,350 stores ■nationwide, more th◆an neares

t competi◆tor Suning A●ppliances' 850 outl●ets.But early th〓is year, Gome annou●nced that ther〓e would be no chang●e in the numb■er of its st〓ores in 2009●. Gome

t woul

d c◆lose 100 un●qualified sto■res while opening th○e same num○ber of new stores■."Expansion ◆is coming to an ●end. The time is no●w ripe to f◆ocus on how〓 to increase sales ●per store, and stor◆e redesign is the● key," He said.G○ome has alr●eady complete

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